I woke this morning from a nightmare. I dreamt that I was to be given one of two injections. The second, in two weeks, would result in my death. I wanted to know what I would be able to do in the remaining two weeks. Would I still be able to think clearly? Would I be able to communicate with others? Could I get out of having the first injection for a bit longer? I awoke to ponder the situation, but I wasn’t sleepy at all.

In my dream I had been under surveillance for months. I accidently mentioned the name of the Prime Minister in a Facebook status. I had been promoting the idea of a popular, completely non-violent movement that would irreversibly change the face of national and international politics. Somebody in politics realised the potential of what I was proposing.

I had proposed that there be a movement in which people got together to think and talk about the kind of future that they wanted. This would be an informed movement based on use and understanding of the best information available. It was to be based on mutual respect and minds open to different views. There was to be no demonization or marginalisation of any group of people. It would make use of modern monetary theory that showed that current views of macro-economics had completely failed to explain reality and left the way open to a revolution in government spending that saw social inclusion that removed the boundaries between the rich and the poor. This would see the end of political parties as we know them with their narrow views and closed minds. It would see the end of misrepresentation of the facts.

What is the worst part of this nightmare? It was not the response by government. In my dream they were afraid because they would not be able to send in the jet fighters. It was not the lack of freedoms introduced by the government under the pretence of preventing terror; after all, they had caused the terror by increasing the status to high alert levels. It was not even the loss of freedom to talk about the alternatives to the ruling political party or dictatorship with all of its associated oppression.

The worst part of my dream was that nobody took me seriously. When I started a new blog, https://closingwindow.wordpress.com/, on 20 April 2014, I warned about the closing window of opportunity to create a better future. There were some followers of people wanting to get others to follow their blogs. But there were no comments. Not one! Nobody made a statement that my ideas had potential or suggested improvements to the approach.

The people who were aware the things needed to change were all locked into their campaigns, petitions and lobbying of politicians. The government loves it when this happens. They keep their opponents busy and all they have to do is yield to the post popular petitions and they are so encouraged that they continue. All they are doing is a bit of fine turning that removes the edge to political opposition. Buy yielding to their most popular petitions, the government was able to render their critics powerless to remove them.

The worst part of my nightmare is that the people who could make a difference could not see that they were part of the mechanism to keep the new government in power.

Where is the line between my nightmare and reality? You tell me.