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Welcome to the first post on Closing Windows.

The purpose of this blog is to try to make the most of the closing window of opportunity to address the issues such as climate change and the environment crisis that we have recently entered.  It is born out of a reluctant conclusion that the current political system is incapable of addressing the most important and urgent issues facing our planet in time to address the urgency of the situation.

The window may also be closing due to the opposition of certain government and big business interests that have a conflict of interest in relation to the environment.  There are concerning signs that our current freedom of expression may be under threat.

The purpose of this blog is to go beyond politics to explore the possibilities for a better and much more effective decision-making process that addresses the most important issues in a way that engages the whole community that is affected.

Politics often seems to be about manipulating people to achieve a particular outcome.  Good governance, in my view, it is about identifying and addressing the most important issues and finding the best solution for all involved.

So, in this ClosingWindow blog I hope to develop some thoughts on what the ideal form of governance would be for the nations of the world.  I want to explore the concept of science and its reliability.  I want to speculate regarding the future possibilities for an internet-based approach to informed decision making.  I want to formulate a set of guiding principles for community engagement.

My assessment is that there is an infinitesimal chance that catastrophes of global proportions can be averted.  The possibility that this blog being successful will play a significant part in changing this seems equally remote based on what I have seen that people respond to on social media.

Nevertheless, there could be nothing more worthwhile than averting impending global catastrophe.  It is worth trying.  Indeed, there is no point on giving up on this planet, because there is no alternative back-up option.  The future of humanity and the rest of the biosphere are at stake.

I am interested in what you think.  Is change necessary?  If so, what is needed to produce this change?  Will the current mechanisms suffice?  Is this blog a good idea, or is it just futile?  What suggestions do you have for the best way forward?

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